Folding Boxes

Folding carton boxes are one of the oldest form of paperboard boxes that are delivered flat to the shippers. Custom folding boxes at our company are oriented just according to the requirements of our customers. They are flexible and can be cut into any shape that is either square, rectangular or semi-rectangular. In addition, the boxes are designed in different shapes that provide packaging solution to a number of retail products. They have a pre-glued formula and can be easily transformed into their original shape with simple steps. Above all, folding boxes, regardless of their shape or size, are sturdy and make your products secure. That is why, these boxes are highly recommended for any of your retail packaging need.

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Have you ever thought about the extent of damage that can be caused to your products if you order simple bakery boxes or display boxes for your products? The mishandling during shipping and other environmental factors can badly affect the products inside the boxes. As a result, it can be a big financial lose for your company. Hence, folding boxes are exactly what you need for ensuring the protection and safe shipping of your products. This is because, foldable packaging boxes are very rigid and withstand high amount of pressure during shipping.

Folding Boxes for Bakery Products:

Due to the utility of folding boxes, they can be used for various merchandise especially, for the bakery products. You can efficiently pack your bakery macarons, cupcakes and donuts in these boxes. Our clients can personalize these folding boxes in endless shapes and sizes. Foldable boxes have so many advantages that they can be used as the best takeaway boxes by your bakery products. They can also be availed in the form of gable boxes which is the best example of folding boxes. Hence, either you want to display your bakery products on market shelves or you want to ship them to a far off place, these foldable boxes make a perfect choice.

Customized Foldable Boxes at Wholesale Price:

We, at Bakery Packaging Boxes make sure that our clients get all the benefits of availing customized boxes at an economical price. So, we offer custom foldable boxes at a wholesale rate. The customization is not just the simple blending of colors but also the elegant printing using various graphic techniques as these boxes have a high ability to absorb different colors. They look neat and clean when printed with colorful graphic templates. By using die cut process, our experts can conveniently print the same design on all of the foldable boxes. Thus, this makes it possible to avail these foldable boxes wholesale in a bulk amount.

Foldable boxes have the biggest advantage of being for various purposes as per the requirement. That is, you can use them for the packaging of retail products such as bakery items as well as gift boxes for the packaging of special gift items for your customers. Folding gift boxes wholesale are ideal to be used for a perfect depiction of your love and gratification.

You can easily order these custom foldable boxes in any required quantity and get a custom quote by telling us your requirements.