Custom Noodle Boxes

Noodles are one of the most popular food items all over the world and their growth has just boomed due to the Italian Pasta and Japanese Ramen culture growth but in this rising market of noodles and the growing industry there are new flavours, ingredients, consistencies that are being formed and due to that the market has become highly competitive and the consumer often overlooks a product because there are just too many choices and they don’t want to pick something that does not stand out or catch their eyes. This is why it is important to focus on the marketing of your noodles and to do that you need Custom Noodle Boxes; these are the first step towards getting the customers attention. Bakery Packaging Boxes provides you with the best personalized noodle packaging that will stand out in the crowd, not only that we make sure you have a sturdy packaging that will last you a long time.

Wholesale Packaging
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Free Design Support
No Die & Plate Charge
Custom Sizes & Style
High Quality Offset Printing
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We at Bakery Packaging Boxes make some of the most reliable and sturdy packaging that lasts for a very long time, our customized noodle boxes make your product, the noodles, stand out and shine amongst the rest. Of course the designs we provide are there to compliment the delicious taste of your noodles and the products you serve.

Free Design Support

We at Bakery packaging boxes provide you with a quality service, we give you a team of designers in case you need design support that help you come up with an acceptable graphic design for the personalized noodle boxes, this design is important because it represents your company but also holds information about the product hence it needs to be perfect, any mistake can be the downfall, so our designers do our best to follow your instruction but in case you are lost, we provide you with templates from which you can choose.

Quality Printing

Imagine walking down the grocery aisle and looking over products and two boxes are next to each other but one has a smudged print and the other is clear and beautiful, your choice will definitely be the high quality design over the product with the smudged printing and to save you from that we provide you with high quality printing that helps you look at the design in a new light.

Competitive pricing

That is not enough our company strives to provide you with a great quality work and the best of the product but that is not where our service to you stops we also provide you with competitive market prices, making the boxes at an amazing cost for the value provided, the end product for what you pay will blow your mind.

Free shipping

This isn’t all there is, we want to do what we can or our customers so we make sure to provide the cherry on the top by providing you with Free and Fast shipping! Our shipping almost always takes 7 to 15 business days unless it is an emergency and the timing can be lowered.