The Versatility in the World of Packaging!

Bakery Boxes

There are different occasions everyday all over the world. It is someone’s anniversary, birthday, farewell party, bridal shower, baby shower, I mean, there always will be a plethora of celebrations to go about. For this very reason, the list of gifts is quite long. Nowadays, any trendy or not-so-trendy thing can be given as a gift to your loved ones. Well, chocolates still remain at the top of the hierarchy. People love chocolates note just as gifts, but as untimely cravings too. So for any today’s Charlie chocolate factory, you should focus on the packaging of your chocolates as well.

Starring Role in Sales Played by Packaging:

As a company, the most important thing for you would be how your products are performing in the market. You don’t care about anything except how your sales are and how satisfied your customers are with the products. And partly, it is logical. But if you want to increase the level of satisfaction of your clients, you should really focus on everything that is related to your sales.

The most important thing that catches the eyes of people are the way your products look. By this I mean the packaging styles of your products. One thing that literally changed the entire market is the packaging. That time is gone when people used to focus on the product quality and nothing else. But now, the way your product is packaged is everything that determines the buying attitude of the customer. You know, products like chocolates can be given away as gifts as well. A good tip is to get Custom Chocolate Boxes with different designs and in different box styles. This will play a major role in shaping the sales of your products and your standing position in the market as well.

Bakery Packaging Boxes

Customization and Design:

There are a lot of benefits which people tend to overlook when it comes to getting personalized packaging boxes. Great emphasis is put onto getting such boxes is because you get the full option and liberty of customizing your product. Putting hard work into the customization of your boxes will give the notion of originality and belongingness. When you get such personalized boxes, you will be able to select the entire shape, size, and style of the box. Everything ranging from the color, and design to the context and then finally finishing styles can be tailored according to your own needs.

Design is the show stopper of the packaging. Customized packaging gives you the chance of getting the design of your own choice. From whichever company you get the boxes from, they will get you hooked with the designers and this way you can change a mere idea into a reality and too, a beautiful one. Not to forget that, you can get the color scheme of your choice as well. Make it vibrant or simple, your call.

Types of Boxes:

Paper Boxes:

Plastic is no more intimidating, being eco-friendly is the new trend. This is why you can get paper boxes with compartments in them for your chocolates. And not just one food item, you can get these boxes for any other bakery items.

Kraft Boxes:

This is another wealthy addition to the family of environment friendly boxes. The main purpose is to take care of your environment while you are branding your products in the market. This kind of box gives a very natural and raw look at your products.

Both these types of boxes can be manufactured in any style; simple tuck in style, tuck in top with auto bottom lock, tuck in top with a sealed end, or sleeve boxes.

Gable Boxes:

This type of box is considered to be the best for packaging the products designated for gifts and presents. Any kind of food item including chocolates, candies, cupcakes etc. can be packaged in these boxes. These boxes are the ones in which the handles are locked from each side, hence ensuring portability and security of the product. You can get any kind of design over these boxes and they will look completely amazing!

Handle Boxes:

These are the type of boxes which have an incision for handles on the top. The handle can be made from plastic, or even any other kind of material. These boxes are considered to be highly portable and accessible. This type is also ideal for gifts and presents and can be used for a number of different products.

Quality of Material:

The quality of the material used in the manufacture of the boxes is of high importance. Obviously because it is the main thing that will make your customer ride or die for your products. Mostly, the boxes are made out of hard cardboard paper stock to ensure that the boxes maintain their shape and eventually the product remains protected. Items like chocolates have to keep safe from any damage or unhygienic stuff as well so the main purpose of every box is to protect the item inside.


The one thing that will attract the customer after the design is the way of printing. If your boxes have a smudged and faded printing, no one will be attracted to it no matter how good the actual product is. With customized packaging, you can get high quality printing and you can also add the content of your choice; taglines, necessary information regarding the product and company’s logo, name and contact information as well.

Finishing Styles:

This is also an important step because it adds the sass to the box. You can get Embossing, foiling in the text or the design. Moreover, the box’s look can be enhanced with gloss or matte lamination, depending on your personal preferences.