7 Steps to Enhance the Sales of your French Macarons Through Packaging

French macaron boxes

French Macarons are one of the most devoured and cherished sweet products comprising of ingredients such as; egg white, sugar, granulated sugar, coconut, almond meal, and food coloring. These sweet treats are devoured with equal love in all parts of the world. One cannot simply deny the importance and love that the people have for these deliciously made French macarons. A lot of bakery manufacturers make use of their own ways of baking French macarons. There might be a slight variation in the recipe but the overall delectableness of macarons is similar regardless of the brand. The only thing that could distinguish macarons of one brand from the other is through the packaging.

Regardless of the fact that there is a high competition among all the bakeries, a distinguished packaging always counts for a high reputation in the market. Creativity and elegance can only be depicted through the boxes used for the packaging of macarons which is the ultimate trick to attract customers.

Here are the 7 most effective steps through which you can enhance the sales of French macarons.

Choose a Suitable Packaging:

The first and foremost step towards a high value of your products and enhancing sales is to choose how to pack your macarons. Whether you want to make use of rectangular boxes or single gable boxes featured with a window on the front. The choice is all yours. It also depends upon how many number of macarons you want to pack in a single box. There are many options for you as the packaging industry has transformed very much in the recent years. You can make use of any kind of packaging boxes for a perfect display of macarons in the market.

Depict Information about the Product:

After choosing a packaging type, the next step is to depict all the information about the product as well as your brand. This is an important step towards sales as customers are interested to know every single detail when it comes to food products. So, the depiction of company information such as; name, logo, and tagline becomes inevitable. Your company logo and name is your identity through which customers would recognize your products. Hence, for an ideal display of your macarons in the market, you have to depict all the information about your brand as well as the product on the boxes.

Make Packaging Convenient:

No one would like to damage or deform the macarons while opening the box. Hence, it is important for you to make the packaging boxes easy to open. At the same time, the boxes have a strong friction locks to ensure the safety of macarons. Both of the things are important to make the customers feel satisfy while buying your products. You can make use of gable boxes or tuck top seal end boxes to efficiently store macarons and at the same time providing convenience to the customers in utilizing these boxes.

Premium Material Choice:

One of the most important elements in product packaging is the material choice. Every manufacturer, before proceeding the order for boxes have to specify the material for the boxes. As macarons are fragile and delicate, the material used for the boxes must be eco-friendly. The more a box is eco-friendly the greater will be the surety about the safety of macarons inside. Hence, if you are willing to protect your macarons from outside elements and making the customers impressed, then choose a material that is high in quality. Most of the times manufacture make use of paper boxes as they are flexible and have diversity as compared to other materials.

Premium Material choice for macaron packaging

Bring Innovation:

There might be numerous bakery owners selling the same product as yours. That is why standing out in the market is very important for you. Even if you are new in the market, a distinguished packaging for macarons can lift your brand identity and impact your target customers. That is why bringing innovation in the boxes and introducing a unique packaging becomes very important. You can make use of a different shape than the regular one used by other brands. Also, creative designs and other features can be embellished on the boxes in order to make them look chic and unique.

Invest in Custom Designing:

A lot of manufacturers make use of custom designs in order to stand out in the market. This is due to the reason that custom packaging is the only way one brand is distinguished from the other. Custom designing would allow you to choose a packaging design for the macaron boxes on your own. You can specify your needs and introduce uniqueness by self-designing your boxes. Hence, investing in the custom designing of your French macaron boxes is the need of the hour. You can efficiently promote your macarons by introducing creative custom designs for macaron boxes.

Test Your Packaging:

It is important to evaluate your boxes and know how it looks like in the market. This will be efficiently done if you understand your audience and know their needs. You should be aware of what your customers want to see and what they expect for a macaron box. In this way, it will be easy for you to design your macaron boxes in an exquisite way. It is also important to be aware of the latest market trends. This will be possible if you study your competitors that what they are doing. How they are presenting their products? In this way, you can easily beat the competition and stand out.


Regardless of the fact that you are a newly launched brand or you are an established one, following these packaging steps can lead you towards a high reputation of your brand which will ultimately help you in skyrocketing your sales within no time. All you have to do is choosing the perfect packaging and then proceed with the other steps and your products would be ready to boom.