How Custom Boxes have Changed the Way Cookies are Packed for Events?

Cookie Packaging Boxes

When it comes to celebrating any event, or achievement, then cookies are one of the first bakery items that are consumed. Cookies have been around, in some shape or form, for many centuries. They come in many shapes and sizes and are soft and filled with many assortments, the most famous being chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are not to be confused with biscuits, as these two food items are clearly distinct. Biscuits are a bit hard, while cookies are soft and more dissolving in taste. Also, cookies are very delicate and are prone to breaking more often than biscuits. Thus, both of these factors play a huge role in determining what kind of packaging do bakery items need. And the packaging that is chosen is custom printed cookie boxes.

Added Strength and Durability:

Cookies are very soft and delicious when it comes to their taste. But, their deliciousness comes at the cost of them being soft and delicate. This delicateness is a big problem for bakers, as they have to deliver these cookies to their customers in huge numbers. Hence, in order to overcome this problem, custom boxes are used. Since their inception in packaging 40 years ago, custom boxes have made bakery items more secure, and easy to deliver. This can be attributed to the organic materials used in the manufacturing of the boxes, and the design of the boxes that keeps the cookies from breaking.

Distinguishing the Cookies:

The major reason for the usage of custom printed cookie boxes is that it makes the distinguishing of the cookies so much easy. Hence, whenever you go to a supermarket, or to a bakery, you can immediately recognize the cookies that you want. This surety, with which you buy your cookies, is due to the impressive printing done on the boxes. The use of CMYK and PMS printing is the reason why customers are able to recognize their favorite cookies, amongst a plethora of cookies. Some of the cookie boxes that are used in packing different types of cookies are as follows:

  • Shortbread Cookie Boxes
  • Chocolate Cookie Boxes
  • Macaroon Cookie Boxes
  • Fortune Cookie Boxes
  • Biscotti Boxes
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Boxes
  • Gingerbread Cookie Boxes
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie Boxes
  • Fortune Cookie Boxes
  • Sugar Cookie Boxes

As many types of cookies exist, thus, custom boxes make it easy to distinguish among them.

Flaunt your Work and Brand:

 As bakeries are in constant competition to produce the most unique and beautiful items, thus, they can use custom boxes to present their beautiful creations. Custom boxes can be used to flaunt a brand’s product. The combination of high-quality printing and custom boxes of all shapes and sizes, helps a brand become visible in the market, and also in competing with other products for a place among the top-selling brands. Hence, colorful custom boxes help in brand creation and also helps in flaunting beautifully customized products as well.

Good for Customized Cookies:

As cookies are soft and prone to breaking easily, thus, they need all the protection that they can get. Also, cookies are designed in many shapes and sizes, and all these differently shaped cookies cannot fit in one type of box. Therefore, all of these cookies need different boxes to pack them. Hence, custom boxes also help in this regard. As the dimensions of the boxes can be customized to fit the need of the cookies, thus, bakers can easily pack differently shaped cookies, for every event.

Boxes for Customized Cookies

Themed Boxes:

Another reason why custom boxes are used is that they can be used in packing cookies for any event. Whether it’s Christmas or someone’s birthday, if anyone wants to gift cookies, and wants them to be packed in a themed box, then custom cookie boxes are the way to go for them. Due to this reason, bakeries have changed their entire business models, and have introduced the use of custom cookie boxes to pack cookies for different events.

Costs Less and is Sustainable:

Custom boxes cost very less when it comes to procuring them. Hence, bakeries use them to save on any unnecessary operational costs. Also, in the long term, it is a sustainable option for all those that opt to use custom boxes. Their sustainability is due to the abundance of the materials from which these boxes are produced.

Therefore, custom printed cookie boxes have truly changed the way cookies are packed for events and celebrations. And has also helped in creating many new brands.