Cake Pops: A One Hundred Percent American Dessert

Cake Pop Boxes

Cake pops, a relatively new product, an innovation one might say in American bakery products. It is THE most American dessert that there can be because it has its roots in American culture. When you go to Wikipedia page for cake pops, you see the United States of America written in place of origin section, and it fills my heart with joy, everytime I see that. We love to innovate and experiment with our food. Innovation is the key instrument for the food sector, as consumers favor new food. Cake pops were made after one such innovative Experiment.

What is a Cake Pop?

Cake pop, just like the name signifies, is a cake, rolled in the form of a lollipop. It is bite sized treat for those who don’t like eating full pieces of cake. The convenience to eat a cake, that comes with cake pops is the most attractive thing about them. These are literally cake lollies, like I don’t know why they didn’t name them this (cake pop is fine too).  In cake pops, cake crumbs are mixed with icing or chocolate ganache to roll them in form of a lollipop and then they’re wrapped like lollipops.  Anyways to this innovative product became widely popular in a small time frame.

How it was Made?

Cake pops were made to stop food spillage, in 2008, a woman from Georgia, Angie Dudley, made cake pops to reuse the leftover cake from a previous event. Angie is known by her media name Bakerella. When Angie started her baking journey she was an amateur, but her delectable dessert soon gained so much popularity that now she is a professional baker.

Customization of Cake pops

Ahead of its Time: Cake Pop is an Aquarius:

Not to brag but just like me, cake pops are also Aquarius (they were made on 1st of February, which is now a national cake pops day) who are known for being ahead of their time and pioneers in so many trends. Cake pops are like dessert from future, I mean who knew we’d be able to enjoy cake in such convenient, small size.

A Tidal Wave of Popularity:

ever since they became mainstream, cake pops have been on a roll. They have been featured in major food chain restaurants such as Starbucks. Currently, the restaurant sells four flavors of cake pops. Many celebrities have made appearance with Angie making cake pops, Blake Lively and Ellen DeGeneres to name among many.


What makes cake pops even more attractive is wide range of flavors, that are difficult to produce in regular cakes. For example, almond crunch is a flavor that is very difficult to handle and maintain the cake shape is almost impossible, only a highly skilled baker can do that. With cake pops this is not a problem, all you have to do is prepare yummy cake flavor, crumble it, mix it with icing and roll it into a lollipop shaped ball. No need to maintain a shape or form. The liberty that comes with baking cake pops is almost exhilarating. Some most popular flavors for cake pops are:

  • Chocolate
  • Yellow
  • Strawberry
  • Butter pecan
  • Vanilla
  • Red velvet
  • Lemon German Chocolate

Popular Snack for Events:

Cake pops are really popular for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, and they can be made into a theme. For example, my nephew got a minion themed birthday party this January and they have minion shaped cake pops, just like the real minion army, there were like 60 cake pops on the table, and they looked absolutely adorable.

Cake Pops Packaging:

As I have mentioned a couple of times (maybe more) already that cake pops are shaped like lollipops, but most people, just like donuts, prefer buying them in numbers, more than one at a time. Just like donut boxes, cake pop boxes are also a big thing. Just like the innovative dessert it is, its packaging requires the same futuristic vibe. Cake pops are sold into themes. And the boxes are made to match the theme of the product inside. For example, a Frozen themes cake pops ensemble will require a box that has some graphics or images from the film.

Cake Pops Packaging Boxes

Bakerealla is the pioneer of cake pops for sure, but many bakeries are now making this delicious dessert and it’s very popular with people of all ages. Bakeries who invest, in general, in custom packaging do better than their counterparts who don’t care for the customization in boxes.

Cake Pops Bouquets:

Like chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops bouquets are a thing now, and a popular thing I must say. People especially place orders for custom ensembles for cake pops bouquets on birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day. Chocolate flavored cake pop bouquets are extremely popular among couples (of course the ones who love each other).


Cake pops make our lives a little more colorful, when this dessert first came, I was a little skeptical. I thought it was a fad and the trend will go away soon. Not in my wildest dreams I had thought that one day I will be writing an article about this dessert (but I am). Cake pops is one of the most versatile desserts one can ask for, and now I’m really hoping it stays, for years and years (hell, decades) to come. Because we need a little more happiness in our lives and cake pops to deliver that.